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Holy Cross: The Later Years



This history provided by Mary L. has its rightful focus on the early years of the parish. Yet we are a part of the living history. Since its founding, Holy Cross Church has doubled its membership. The first 25 families lived in a very different world. It would be difficult for any of us to imagine either the hardships or the special blessings of the pioneers. There are, however, common bonds: a commitment to the Church, to the religious formation of our children and youth, to the value and ideals of our children and youth, to the values and ideals of community and community spirit, and to the promise of a future. After all, histories are kept for those who will come after us


So what is Holy Cross Parish like 117 years after its founding? It’s a community of faith, which honors its elders, cherishes its children and recognizes the contributions and special place of our youth. It is both a young and an old parish. Its church walls echo with those of the first to worship here. As the Scriptures tell us: One faith, One baptism, One God and Father of us all. Like those in the late 1800’s, we are making history now. Like them, let’s make it one worth remembering and re-telling.


Our parish has blessed the places of the living and the dead. We went to the new Bancroft-Rosalie School to pray for the students and teachers in 1999. We rededicated our cemetery. We celebrated our history. We participated in a Parish Mission and celebrate the ministries of all our members. We came to know faithfulness to Christ is to be faithful to what god has called us to do in the here and now, as good stewards of God’s many blessings. And we remember and celebrate the life this is to come, where the good that we have done will never be forgotten and the God that we serve will never to out done in generosity.




“Spirit of Holy Cross”

  • Margaret A.
  • Mary
  • Mae K.
  • Madeline G.
  • Zepha F.
  • Elizabeth G.
  • Roy & Pauline S.
  • Dr. Lyle and Hazel E.
  • Gordon and Hope G.
  • Margaret G.
  • Larry and Nona K.
  • Fr. David LaPlante
  • Hazel G.
  • Charlotte B.
  • Robert R.
  • Barney and Janice K.
  • Marvin and Elsie H.
  • Norene B.
  • Fr. Leo Rigatuso
  • Alan and Carlene G
  • Mary and Harrie B.


Stained Glass Windows:

The stained glass windows were all donated as gifts to the church. Following is a list of those persons who made donations of these windows:




  • Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Rossiter
  • Louis Gatzemeyer
  • Anna Marie Ronk
  • Henry Gatzemeyer
  • Charles McCarthy
  • Mr. Michael Quin





  • Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Stafford






  • William and Thomas Tighe
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stafford
  • John Martin
  • Mr. and Mrs. John McKeegan
  • Michael, Joanna and Mary Kelly
  • Joseph Kelly
  • Frederick and Mabel Stuht




These windows were all donated by loved ones of the deceased persons; children, other relatives or dear and close friends. The windows were probably installed after the year of 1920. One of the windows was dedicated to the memory of Michael Quinn, who was the father of pastor, Father Michael Quinn at Holy Cross parish during the years of 1919-1933.


These windows are still in the church and are beautiful. They remind us of the early years of Holy Cross Parish.