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St. Joseph Parish: About Us

St. Joseph's Catholic Church is located in Lyons, a small farming community located in northeast Nebraska. We fall under the jurisdiction of the Omaha archdiocese. We share a priest with Holy Cross Parish (Bancroft, NE), however we have our own parish cou
ncil, altar society, etc.

At present there are 107 families registered at St. Joseph's.


Our first church. Click on the picture to learn more about our early years.

Under the direction of Father Nicholas Horn, the first pastor of St. Mary’s Catholic Church at West Point, a church was erected at the present location in Lyons.

The church was dedicated in 1884 and became known as St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. The earnest efforts of sturdy men and women of that day made this church possible.

By the late 1950's it was obvious we were outgrowing our small church and a more spacious building would be needed. Under the direction & guidance of Father Wolpert and the arduous labor of parishioners the present church was built and dedicated June 26, 1966.







Our present church. Click on the picture to learn more about our present parish.